Where Are We Going? Pandemic and Economic Collapse
        - Mike Nuess  June 2020
Voices from Standing Rock
         -Tegra Stone Nuess  November 26 - December 4, 2017

The Ruthless Recklessness of Initiatives Like Oil and Coal-by-Rail Export Terminals in the Pacific Northwest
          - Mike Nuess  May 2016

18 Books and One Speech: Tools to make sense of today's world.

Whose War Palestine?
          - Mike Nuess  July 2014

Regarding Syria
          - Mike Nuess September 2013

Renewable Energy Abundance -- Keystone for Social Justice
- Mike Nuess April 2011

Libya -- Humanitarian Intervention or Ruthless Hypocrisy?
- Mike Nuess April 2011

Forestalling Democracy -- The U.S. Military Presence & its Impact on the World
- Mike Nuess October 2010

CAFTA in Nicaragua - Just Icing on the Cake
- Mike Nuess reports on a food security delegation to Nicaragua in October 2005.

Food Insecurity in Nicaragua
, a 22-minute video documentary of the author's October 2005 visit to Nicaragua.
Part 1            Part 2

Study Shows Monsanto Roundup Herbicide Link to Birth Defects
- F. William Engdahl, September 2010.
"The problem...aside from the fact that Roundup-resistant "super-weeds" are emerging as a new biological catastrophe, is that Glyphosate has now been demonstrated to be linked to birth defects as one of the most highly toxic substances in agriculture."

Beyond GMO ... the REAL answer to healthy, disease resistant crops.
- Don Lotter, Ph.D.

Why we're in Iraq ... a century of oil rivalry .... and why we're postponing Iraqi elections ... for the sake of oil.
- Article and links by Mike Nuess

 - R. Buckminster Fuller

Public Power in the Age of Empire.
- Arundhati Roy, speaking to the American Sociological Association in San Francisco, California on August 16th, 2004.

Making Sense of the U.S. Elections.
Most U.S citizens have good instincts for what's right, but they've been effectively marginalized. 
- Noam Chomsky

Why Socialism?
-Albert Einstein

Learn what's been done in our name from an insider.
- Democracy Now! interviews John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

Peace through Prosperity - A Path That Will Work
- Short 2001 article by Mike Nuess summarizing energy solutions for abundance.

No More Irrational Numbers - no more secondhand god.
- Universe never lies and has now granted us the power to swiftly realize a durable and peaceful abundace for all.  Article and links by Mike Nuess