Design Science - Toward a Peaceful MillenniumEthics  - inward tuned outward ETHICS by R. Buckminster Fuller

                   IN THE EVOLUTION of political economics
                   Of the late 20th century
                   There is an emerging pattern
                   In which yesterday's virtues
                   Become today's vices
                   And vice versa
                   Vices virtues.

                   We hope this signals the demise
                   Of either dollar or gun manipulated
                   Political puppetry's
                   Overwhelmment of humanity.

                   Throughout the past state
                   Of innate ignorance of the many,
                   The informed few
                   Told the uninformed many
                   What to do
                   So that the many's coordinated efforts
                   Could produce most effectively
                   The objectives of the few.

                   An omniwell-informed humanity
                   Does not need to be told
                   What needs to be done
                   Nor how to cooperate synergetically;
                   It does so spontaneously.

                   History demonstrates without exception
                   That successful sovereign power seizers
                   And successfully self-perpetuating,
                   Supreme physical power holders in general
                   Will always attempt to divide the opposition
                   In order to conquer them
                   And thereafter keep the conquered divided
                   To keep them conquered.

                   Controlling the sources
                   Of production and distribution
                   The self-advantaging power systems
                   Keep the conquered divided
                   By their uncontestable fiat
                   That the individual's right to live
                   Must be earned
                   To the power structure's satisfaction
                   By performing one of the ruling system's
                   Myriad of specialized functions.
                   The top-gun, self-serving power structure
                   Also claims outright ownership
                   Of the lives of all those born
                   Within their sovereignly claimed
                   Geographical bounds
                   And can forfeit their citizens' lives
                   In their official warfaring,
                   Which of psychological necessity
                   Is always waged in terms
                   Of moral rectitude
                   While covertly protecting and fostering
                   Their special self-interests.

                   To keep the conquered
                   Controllably disintegrated
                   And fearfully dependent
                   "They" also foster perpetuation or increase
                   Of religious, ethnic, linguistic,
                   And skin-color differentiations
                   As obvious conditioned-reflex exploitabilities.

                   Special-interest sovereignity will always
                   Attempt to monopolize and control
                   All strategic information (intelligence),
                   Thus to keep the divided specializing world
                   Innocently controlled by its propaganda
                   And dependent exclusively upon its dictum.

                   Youth has discovered all this
                   And is countering with comprehensivity and synergy.
                   Youth will win overwhelmingly
                   For truth
                   Is eternally regenerative
                   In youth.
                   Youth's love
                   Embracingly integrates,
                   Successfully frustrates
                   And holds together,
                   Often unwittingly,
                   All that hate, fear, and selfishness
                   Attempt to disintegrate.

Copyright 1973 R. Buckminster Fuller and Saturday Review.

Design Science - Toward a Peaceful Millennium