Mike Nuess authored General Plenty - Always and Only the Path to Peace, a 375 page novel (historical fiction) about Humanity\'s current position and course, and the pragmatic, science-based triumph of the human spirit that is now both possible and necessary. West by Northwest Online Magazine said General Plenty was "Probably one of the best books ever written or read on the political and human task of achieving peace and prosperity."

He grew up traveling, the son of a military officer, graduated cum laude from Gonzaga University in Washington State, abandoned a military commission because of Vietnam, left the Peace Corps and settled for the mountains, building the Geodesic Bioship, "a dwelling system designed to utilize sun energy income to sustainably meet the metabolic needs of its human occupants."

His technical experience spans the fields of psychology, education & training, building science, energy-efficient buildings, and environmental design. He taught code officials, builders, teachers and homeowners how to design and build energy-efficient homes with superior indoor air quality. He built prototype homes, winning a couple of National awards for energy and indoor air quality, and published technical papers for conferences and for magazines like Fine Homebuilding and Popular Science.

He traveled to Europe, Japan, Central America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, finding intelligent, compassionate and capable people everywhere.

His study of Humanity\'s evolving know how, of power and human social systems, his technical experience with efficiency and renewables -- components of what Buckminster Fuller called Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science -- led naturally to the book General Plenty

He visited Nicaragua in the fall of 2005 and wrote of the conditions there in Z Magazine. See Nicaragua, CAFTA, & CIPRES.