"This is quite simply the most inspiring book I've read in a long time. The message is clear; we have at hand, the knowledge and power to change the course of our lives, our children's lives and the ability to insure the preservation of our universe and her vast resources. General Plenty offers practical solutions to obtain and sustain our physical wants and needs, which insures freedom to pursue our spiritual and emotional interests in an environment absent of oppression. These pages are evidence of one manÕs lifeÕs work. Al's passion and determination to educate the public through historical events of the past and his own personal experiences of joys and sorrows are felt in every word. Hope is a positive energy and this book is full of hope, thank you for the enlightenment."
-- Michele Platt, Franklin, North Carolina

"In a time that seems so frightening and uncertain, it's wonderful to come across a book that addresses the world's needs in such a sane and straightforward way. It shifted my thought processes and gave me hope. Thank you!"  
-- J. E., Washington

"As someone who has felt rather hopeless about the world economic and environmental situation, I found this book eye-opening. The author draws on an extraordinary number of fields of knowledge to craft a story that is wide-ranging and profound in its implications. It really changed the way I think about our planet's future. What's fun is that it delivers all this information in a way that's not textbooky; Nuess creates a story that is touching in a very human and individual way at the same time that he addresses global concerns most lucidly. I recommend this book highly. I'd like to see everyone read it, as it's a book that gives you hope and gets your brain moving in new and exciting ways."  
-- Joan E., USA

"General Plenty is the perfect book to pass on to a friend who is still struggling with information from only mass media sources, after you read it yourself of course. It offers a perspective on the problems of our time and also offers hope, a rare and valuable combination."  
-- S. M. Thomsen, Washington State

"I really like the setting of an informal family gathering, which takes place just after 9-11, that Nuess uses to forge together so many important themes. I like the characters and enjoyed traveling with them on their heartfelt journey through today's turbulent world. Through them, Nuess develops perspectives on ecology, science and technology, human and social relationships, the history of critical world events, and the impact of globalization. He weaves these themes into a rich, complex but clear and sensible world view. The journey took me through daunting, hope-defying scenarios and helped me make sense of them one-by-one until the whole puzzle came into focus. I really value the solution-focused thinking that helped me build a sense of direction and optimism. I understand how a Global Plenty is both achievable and necessary for lasting peace. This book is carefully crafted, quietly passionate, and deeply invigorating!"  
-- Cece S., Las Cruces, New Mexico

"General Plenty offers hope in the darkness of current world affairs. If we can just reach deeply enough into the humanity that unites us.... there is general plenty for everyone. Set in the deep woods after 911, General Plenty draws us into a family sharing their fears, conflicts and dreams. It leads us through the harrowing truth of current international strife, driven by greed and lack of understanding, to a new reality we have the power to create. For those of us struggling to make sense of the world we live in, and hoping to have an impact on changing that world, General Plenty is a light in the darkness. Give it a try; you'll learn more than you ever imagined."  
-- Anonymous

"General Plenty is well written, well documented, and, most importantly to me, conveys a real sense of hope. Complex ideas are conveyed clearly and in a very easy to read format. I think it is the most important book that I have read in a long time."  
-- Julia Smith, Spokane, Washington

"This book takes a series of seemingly unrelated family events and weaves them into a tale that explains what's wrong with our country and how to fix it. By going from the horror of 9-11 to a picture of a future with abundant and equitable energy Mike takes us for a ride that is disarmingly critical of the ruling class yet based in the validity of personal experience. If you want a book that is progressive, thought provoking, and optomistic put this one on top of your list. It really hit the spot for me in this time replete with weapons of mass deception.I galloped through it in two days. Wow!"  
-- Maurice R, Cheney, Washington

"I was deeply affected by your book. Thank you for putting into words what I have been feeling and needing answers for since 9-11. The first two-thirds of the book made me cry and feel depressed, but the last third gave me hope and direction." 
 -- Jean E., USA

"I think the book is well written and encourages the most practical of solutions to all our world sorrow. Thank you so much for sending it on. My grandsons, whom I've nourished on Zinn's People's History of the United States, will collect some good ideas from it.  I hope the book gets widely read -- I'll do my part to make that happen in my circle, at least."
   -- J.R.P., USA

Online Magazine

Full text of review available at: http://westbynorthwest.org/artman/publish/article_666.shtml

Winter Reading Off the Charts
A Few Fine Books about Ecology
By Ryan Ramon, reviewer
Posted on Dec 26, 2003

General Plenty
Always and Only the Path to Peace

by Mike Nuess
Spokane Washington

"This self-published book by[...]storyteller Mike Nuess is probably one of the best books ever written or read on the political and human task of achieving (simply put) peace and prosperity. They are linked in an absolute way[....]he weaves together several strands of narratives including that of Al, Anna and others that give context, science, and alternative technology a human voice. Nuess turns our social puzzle of ecology versus economies into a viable equation of long term sustainability. He is convinced we can have general plenty, the condition that finally makes peace a real potential, not just a dream or ethos, with carefully applied technologies that make it actually possible for the first time in human history. For everyone on the planet.

Mike Nuess is a cautious optimist, demonstrating the means is the end. He looks at the histories of oil, empires, war and peace, labor, culture, governmental authority and different kinds of oppression. Unlike many, he does not wallow in tragedy or hopelessness of the human condition as it takes down the planet. Mike Nuess celebrates the citizen activists, and the scientists who have been key to asking the questions, pushing humans to the point where it is truly possible for the first time in human history to imagine and to make actual a path of salvation from the swamp of despair to a livable planet.

This brilliant, complex book works on several levels all at once. If you want an overview that gives you specific understandings, get this book. It is very readable."

Imagine for a moment that you are a being so light and strong that you can climb the highest mountain with but a refreshing effort. Imagine sitting there all day in an easy comfort -- completely free of cold and hunger -- so at ease inside that all personal desires, passions and fears drift away. The frantic chatter of your brain grows silent, and you can see clearly the entire sweep of human history pass before you like a river flowing across the broad valley below. Imagine you can see major currents and developments in this unfolding story; that you can sort them, sift them, and make sense of them. Imagine a quiet compassion for this frail and fragile humanity emerging naturally and spontaneously from within. Then open this book and begin to read.